Tarragon Consulting Corporation develops custom solutions to the critical knowledge and information management problems faced by Government and Industry. We leverage our in-depth business and technical expertise to support organizations in the creation of high-value applications for customers, suppliers, and employees.

Tarragon's mission is to help organizations understand how their business processes both consume and generate knowledge and content, and then design and deploy applications that optimize the exploitation and management of this information.

Our portfolio of best practices allows us to quickly and effectively develop solutions that meet an organization's needs. By adopting the Tarragon approach, organizations can reduce the overall costs of their knowledge and content management infrastructure, and increase productivity in critical business operations.

Tarragon provides a full range of consulting, design, development and training services to meet all an organization's knowledge and content management needs. We are experts in text analytics, document retrieval, ontology development and data mining, and we have extensive experience with a range of information and knowledge management tools.

Contact us at info@tgncorp.com to learn more about our services and how we can help you.

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